5 Best Strategies for Escape Room Games

When it comes to escape room games it’s worth using the best strategic tips that help solve the games. It’s important to pay attention to details because you have only one hour to solve the puzzle and complete the challenge. Some strategies work particularly well in escape room games. Let’s see what to pay attention to while playing!

General Strategies

You don’t have to be a pro in escape games, just need to know a few strategies. The listed escape room strategies apply to both physical and logical escape rooms. These tips can also be useful for escape games in PanIQ Room Stockholm.

  • Bring a watch with you

It’s useful to keep track of time and manage it well in escape rooms. It’s easy to waste precious minutes while solving tasks, so it’s recommended to have a watch with you. The escape is timed, so it’s worth monitoring every minute of the game.

  • Pay attention to details

Often, seemingly insignificant details help win in escape room games. Pay attention to symbols and letters because you may notice signs that others don’t. Always look around the room carefully; the decorations may have significant importance later on. Sounds should not be overlooked either, so stay alert during the game.

  • Searching is crucial 

Searching is just as important as time during the game. You need to search for hidden messages throughout the game, whether it’s on top of a bookshelf or between the pages of a book. Pay attention to secret symbols because they lead you to the end of the game. Perseverance and creativity are essential in escape room games.

  • Don’t just search at eye level

Players often make the mistake of searching for clues only at eye level. It may seem logical and comfortable at first, but the game is more complex than that! You need to search the room in multiple places for success. Clues are often hidden in places that are not at a comfortable eye level.

  • Communicate a lot 

Since we’re talking about teamwork, communication between players is one of the most important strategies. If you want to complete the escape game on time, always provide feedback to each other. Escape room games rely on collective thinking and not withholding any important information. Inform others if you find clues, and if something is missing, your teammate might notice something useful. Believe that good communication is an important problem-solving strategy that leads to victory.


What are the best escape room strategies?

  • Focusing on time
  • Paying attention to details
  • Searching for clues everywhere
  • Analyzing every sign
  • Communicating

Escape room games are very exciting, and it feels even better to come out of the room as a winner. To achieve success, all you have to do is apply strategies and your skills during the game. If your teammates are also determined, solving puzzles and escaping won’t be a problem. If you want a lifetime experience with your friends or colleagues, visit the best escape rooms of PanIQ Room Stockholm and try out the strategic tips in action!