5 Reasons Why Your Travel Bag Should Contain a Sunscreen Bottle

As busy as people are in the modern world, we carry all sorts of things around with us each day. Our phones, wallets, moisturizers and even sudoku books are packed into handbags and manbags routinely, but many stop short of packing a sunscreen bottle. Ironically, it’s one of the most important things to include to protect your skin – the body’s largest organ. 

Of course, it’s not news to most people that you’re supposed to slap sunscreen on before going out, but many don’t fully appreciate its importance. We shed some light on the subject here by covering five truly compelling reasons why you should. 

A Sunscreen Bottle is Your Skin’s Best Friend

So, just how much of an issue is it for you to forego the idea of taking a sunscreen bottle with you wherever you go – at the very least, wearing its contents each day? Let us fill you in with five big reasons.

  • #1 – UV Rays Age the Skin – Millions of pounds are spent every day around the world on products that make the skin look younger. However, there’s no truer way to undo all the good work they do than to ignore the need to wear sunscreen. Not only can it give you sunburn when you don’t wear it, but it makes your skin look progressively older and even increases the likelihood of you getting cancer. That on its own should give you pause for thought. 
  • #2 – You Get a More Even Skin Tone – The sign of young skin is the evenness of its tone. That’s because it has become disrupted by increased numbers of the dark spots that the sun can cause. If you want an even tone and texture, sunscreen is a must, meaning it’s another huge reason. 
  • #3 – It Avoids Sunburn – There’s nothing more sad than seeing someone’s skin being burned by the sun. In the most severe cases, you get peeling, blistering and a whole lot of pain and discomfort. That horrible prickly sensation you get at the end of the day offers a foreboding of what’s to come, and it can be prevented when sunscreen is applied. 
  • #4 – Overall, Your Skin is Healthier – In addition to making your skin more appealing from an aesthetic point of view, the wearing of sunscreen on a daily basis also means that your skin gets to enjoy better health. As such, you’ll feel much better in the skin you’re in for much more of your life when you take sunscreen with you as a routine. 
  • #5 – No one Needs to Avoid Sunscreen – You may feel, particularly if you have sensitive skin, that sunscreen isn’t for you, but that’s not the case at all. Non-comedogenic varieties give you the protection you need without blocking the pores and causing breakouts, especially when talking about mineral brands. 

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Sunscreen Bottle

You only get one skin, right? That’s why you should never leave home without your sunscreen in your bag. The only time that don’t need to is when you apply it to your skin before you leave the house and return within 2 hours. Other than that, having sunscreen with you is wise for so many reasons.

We’ve covered the fact that it makes your skin look younger and feel healthier, as well as preventing sunburn and giving you a more even skin tone. Either way, it’s a win-win for those that apply it every day.