Everything You Should Know About Industrial Equipment Auctions

Industrial equipment auctions provide buyers with access to used or whole used industrial machinery before placing bids on it. Prospective bidders have an opportunity to inspect the equipment before placing their bid.

Used equipment auctions often provide more cost-effective equipment options compared to purchasing it new, while buyers can avoid depreciation costs and save time and money when their business needs to acquire machinery quickly.

Local Newspapers and Trade Publications

Local newspapers and trade publications make for effective industrial equipment auction advertising platforms because they reach an audience that consumes limited online media consumption. Furthermore, their more direct approach allows an auctioneer to explain what the equipment can do, while simultaneously building rapport.

Local buyers of generic industrial equipment tend to pay more, since they can examine it before purchase and transportation is often cheaper compared to shipping long distance purchases.

Many sellers of industrial equipment prefer online auctions as a platform to market their assets to end users and dealers alike. Some auctioneers utilize Fleet Evaluator, an industry leading dynamic equipment appraisal software to help sellers assess real time values of their assets before advertising in various trade publications and websites including Truck Paper, Machinery Trader, Tractor House and Forestry Trader.


eBay, an online auction platform, is taking a proactive approach to assist sellers of Heavy Equipment Center. Their approach leverages both their global sales platform and bidadoo’s expertise in sourcing and remarketing construction equipment and trucks.

eBay and bidadoo are revolutionizing how high-value equipment is sold and purchased across North America. By tapping into people’s need, acceptance, and desire for equipment that meets rigorous quality standards backed by eBay Business Equipment Purchase Protections they are helping people locate equipment with superior quality standards that they can purchase without worry or loss of protection from eBay Business Equipment Purchase Protections.

Online eBay auctions reduce disruption to operations compared to traditional onsite auctions, and can quickly unload unwanted equipment quickly. Under an auction without reserve format, machines are sold to the highest bidder and sold quickly; sellers also have the option of holding a reserve auction whereby they set a hidden minimum price so if no sale occurs at least they will get at least the reserve amount back as compensation for not selling their item(s).

Telemarketing and Inside Sales

Auction markets provide equipment buyers with an opportunity to acquire affordable used machinery that may even be more economical than new equipment, which explains why so many businesses opt to sell their equipment through industrial machinery auctions.

Promoting your used machinery sale effectively can draw more potential bidders to auction and increase the total sale amount. Our team can assist in effectively marketing in-person or online industrial equipment auctions to meet any liquidation need, be it office relocation, plant closing or company bankruptcy.

Telemarketing and inside sales take a more personalized approach to selling than traditional advertising does, engaging your prospects more fully during the sales process and understanding their situation and needs better so you can offer solutions or equipment that fits their requirements better – ultimately building long-term relationships while creating positive associations for your business.

Online Auctions

Online auctions provide an alternative method for selling industrial equipment. They’re especially appealing to companies and individuals that wish to unload surplus machinery as part of plant liquidations sales or factory closures; and attract buyers from local, regional, and national marketplaces.

Industrial equipment auctions require buyers to register with the auction house prior to bidding. Often this involves providing personal and business information as well as providing valid driver’s license numbers as well as making a refundable deposit payment.

Once you win an auction bid, it is crucial that you understand how the seller collects payment. Many sellers accept wire transfer or online payment services as payment collection methods while some require proof of payment before permitting customers to collect their purchases. Some sellers also allow in-house financing or work with lenders who specialize in heavy equipment financing arrangements – this option may prove especially advantageous for buyers unable to cover full purchase prices for equipment purchases.