How to Lookup an Address

Knowing how to lookup an address properly might seem confusing at first, especially if you are concerned with quickly gaining important address information. However, our article is here to help you understand the best methods for researching and finding all of the address information that you might be curious about.

Reasons to Lookup an Address

There are many different reasons why you may want to look up an address. We list common reasons below:

  • You are interested in purchasing a property and you want to research the address to find more information about its current owners.
  • You want to sell your property and you want to research information about the addresses surrounding you, including property sales history.
  • You are curious about who lives at an address near you.
  • You need to find address information for a property to conduct tax research or research on the history of the property.
  • You want to identify the owners of a certain address.

Keep in mind that this list of reasons is not comprehensive – you may have other reasons for research as this is a more personal process. However, make sure that you are not researching an address as part of illegal activities or to stalk and harass someone, as this will land you in legal trouble.

Best Methods to Lookup an Address

The following methods are some of the best ways to lookup an address and find out the information you need with less stress.

Address Lookup Tools

Address lookup tools, like’s, are by far one of the easiest ways to find out information about a specific address. These convenient online tools utilize information from public records to compile an easy-to-read report about the address you are researching.

To use one of these tools, simply type in the address you are looking for information about and run the search. You can also type in a person’s name and location, running a search to find all addresses that might be connected to that person.

County Records Offices

County records offices are a great source of information when you want to access property records and address information about a specific structure in your jurisdiction.

You may be able to visit one of these records offices in person and speak to a staff member to help direct your search. You may also be able to utilize an online portal that helps you look through the property records of the address you are interested in.

Property Tax Records

Property tax is collected in every jurisdiction, and these records are considered public by most states.

To research property tax records for an address, you can go in person to the tax records office of your jurisdiction or use an online portal to research these records when available. After you find the tax records for a specific address, you can use the information gained, such as the the sales history of the property, to conduct further address research.

Is It Legal to Research Addresses?

Addresses and certain types of property information, such as property tax histories, are considered part of the public record in the majority of states.

It is legal to research these items, as they are public, but you should double-check with the specific laws in your jurisdiction to find out which parts of an address you can access. If you’re searching in-person, you’ll also want to know the proper procedures for researching public record to find address information.

What if I Can’t Find Information About an Address?

If you can’t find information about an address no matter which method you use to research it, double-check to make sure you are utilizing the correct address in your search. You may need to consult with known property owner names, address or property history, and tax history to find an accurate address to conduct further research on.

If you still cannot find information, this address may have items that are sealed from public record and generally inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Finding the Address Information You Need

No matter what your reason is for researching an address, it’s important that you find the information you need so you can contact someone, or put your curiosity to rest.

By following the methods in our article, you can understand how to lookup an address without stress and find all of the connected address information that you might need.