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Ice T, born Tracy Marrow, is an American rapper, actor, and songwriter who has become one of the most successful and influential hip-hop artists of all time. He has released eight albums and starred in several films and television shows. His success has earned him a net worth of an estimated $45 million, and that number is only expected to grow in the years to come. In this article, we’ll take a look at Ice T’s net worth in 2023, as well as his biography, age, house, and more.

Ice T’s Net Worth in 2023

Ice T has been at the forefront of hip-hop since the early 1980s, and he has remained one of the most successful and respected artists in the genre. He has sold over 8 million albums and has earned several Grammy nominations. His net worth in 2021 is estimated to be around $45 million, and that number is expected to increase in the years to come. As of 2023, Ice T is estimated to be worth approximately $60 million.

Biography, Wiki, Age, House and More

Ice T was born Tracy Marrow in Newark, New Jersey, on February 16, 1958. He is the son of Solomon and Alice Marrow, and he has two siblings. At the age of 12, he moved to Los Angeles with his family. He attended Crenshaw High School, where he began rapping. In 1981, he joined the United States Army and served in the 25th Infantry Division.

Ice T began his music career in 1982 with the release of his first single, “Reckless.” He followed up with the release of his debut album, Rhyme Pays, in 1987. The album was a huge success and spawned the hit single “6 in the Mornin’.” Since then, he has released eight more albums, including his most recent, The Seventh Deadly Sin, in 2019.

Ice T has also had a successful acting career, appearing in films such as New Jack City and Surviving the Game, as well as television shows such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Players. He also owns a record label, Rhyme Syndicate Records, and is the host of the podcast The Ice T & Coco Show.

Ice T currently resides in Beverly Hills, California, in a luxurious mansion. He is 62 years old.

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Ice T is one of the most successful and influential hip-hop artists of all time.