Obtain A Serbian Residence Permit

Want to obtain a European residence permit? Serbia offers a relatively easy way to get one: all you need to do is invest in the local real estate, and the coveted document will be given to you. This is the first step to citizenship: you can extend the residence permit several times, then obtain the right to permanent residence, and apply for the local passport in 5 years. Serbia is planning to join the EU in 2025, so you may get an EU passport if you take these simple steps! What is more, you may obtain Serbian tax residency if you reside in the country for at least 183 days during a year. Sounds interesting? Let’s discuss how to do that practically.

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How to Obtain a Residence Permit in Serbia

If you have any vital interests in the Republic of Serbia (including business or possession of real estate), you will be entitled to obtain a local residence permit under Serbian laws

Buying real estate is a very affordable method of obtaining a residence permit: the lower threshold is not set, which means that you can buy accommodation at a low price (starting from 10,000 euros in Serbia). This is a unique opportunity not available in other countries (for instance, you will need to invest 400,000 euros in real estate to get a Turkish passport).

How long does it take to complete the application procedure and obtain the residence permit? Well, you will have to wait for 4 to 8 weeks on average. You are required to make two visits to Serbia during this period of time and spend about 14 days in the country to take care of all formalities. 

You will get a residence permit for 6 months, and you will be able to extend it upon expiration. The number of extensions is not limited provided that you continue to have vital interests in Serbia.

Obtaining a Residence Permit: Procedure

You start by selecting a piece of real estate that suits your goals and financial possibilities and purchase it. You may want to buy a place to live or an apartment to rent out, and in this case, you will need to choose the property that will match your objective. We strongly recommend engaging a licensed immigration agent to reduce all possible risks to a minimum and get a selection of verified listings only to make a choice.

When you buy a property, you will need to pay its cost to the seller and additionally remunerate the real estate agent (the fee is usually 3% of the transaction amount).

Following that, you will need the assistance of a local lawyer. Prepare a limited power of attorney to enable him or her to take care of all the procedures required to purchase a piece of real estate in Serbia, including all paperwork and verifications. If the PoA is issued in a foreign country, it has to be apostilled and translated into the Serbian language by a sworn translator in Serbia.

If you submit a package of documents for a temporary residence permit (also called the White Card), you will have to be present in person (the formalities take 1 day only, though).

The Serbian residence permit is stamped in your passport. Here are the documents you will need to file to obtain it:

  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Passport copy
  • Your CV (translated into Serbian if necessary)
  • Property title to prove that you own Serbian real estate
  • A Health and Social Security Certificate (you can get one from a local or foreign insurance company)
  • Proof of subsistence (candidates usually provide a certificate issued by a local bank. You will need to open a personal current account with a Serbian bank if you don’t have one and deposit 1,000 euros to obtain it).

You will need to spend 2-3 days applying for the Serbian residence permit, including a personal interview. As soon as this stage is over, you will have to take patience and wait for about two weeks for the Customer Due Diligence. During this period, your passport will be kept in the local police office.

If you don’t want to collect your tax residency certificate in person, you may entrust it to your investment migration agent. It will be translated into the language you need and apostilled if you request the agent to do so.

An Easy Way to Obtain a Residence Permit in Serbia

The fastest and easiest way to have something done is to entrust it to professionals, and this is exactly what we offer! The package of services costs 5,500 euros, and it includes the following:

  • Payment of all state fees
  • Help with completion of all forms
  • Opening a personal account with a local bank
  • Registration at the local police office (obtaining the White Card)
  • A stamp on the candidate’s passport to confirm the residence permit
  • Professional translation of documents into Serbian (20 euros per page)
  • Registration of documents at the Serbian Tax Office to confirm your right to obtain the local tax residency certificate
  • Help with the choice and verification of real property

You can order extra services after acquiring the residence permit, such as the services of a local licensed accountant, administrative support after signing an agreement with the investor, consultancy of a local licensed tax representative, and so on.

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