Signs It’s Time to Declutter Your Kitchen

To be completely honest with you, clearing out clutter is a never-ending task. Whether you’re a full-fledged minimalist, working on decluttering your life, or have never completely cleaned out your kitchen, clutter will eventually seep in.

You Cannot Find Things

How long do you spend hunting for your stuff every day? When you need a spatula, can you quickly locate them? One of the warning indications that your kitchen needs to be decluttered is if you frequently lose ordinary objects or have to spend time seeking them. When a kitchen is largely clutter-free and orderly, everything has a place and is kept there. Individuals with clutter-free kitchens are familiar with where everything is since it is simple to put things back where they belong.

As an alternative, when our kitchens are overly cluttered, we frequently leave items lying around after we’ve used them rather than putting them away. We miss the objects out of place because of the clutter.

You find it difficult to clean the kitchen since your cabinets and drawers are overflowing.

When objects don’t have a permanent and appropriate location in your kitchen, cleaning becomes daunting and takes a lot of effort. Because of this, cleaning requires far too much mental effort. To avoid creating stacks of stuff to put away later, you’ll need to carefully consider each item before finding a place for it. If everything has a place, you probably have too much stuff for the amount of room you have. You’ll be able to clean up much more quickly if you give everything an appropriate place to go because doing so will become second nature and not need much thought.

You have enough food in your cupboard and freezer, but you can’t come up with anything to make or eat.

When I can’t think of anything beneficial to create, or even worse, when I have no idea what is hidden in there, I know my freezer is too cluttered. When your freezer is organized, it really helps with meal planning since you can simply open it and see a number of foods you may include in your menu. This is essentially difficult when your pantry and freezer are overflowing, and once it reaches this point, you are much more likely to waste food or, worse still, buy more of what you already own, which will just add to the clutter. I know it’s time to organize the kitchen when I sense this.

You rarely have space on your countertops to cook

If there are dirty dishes, kid’s crafts, mail, school work, and the full shebang when it’s time to cook, no one likes to cook! All of these things often end up in the kitchen, but if your counter is continuously overrun with items that don’t belong there, it may be time to examine the source of the clutter and see if you can find a way to keep it in check so your counters stay mostly free, if you still have trouble with it maybe is time to call professionals to help you with kitchen countertops in Austin, if you’re located in this area. They will help you to make some room in your kitchen, so you can go on with the cleaning. 

You own a lot of things, but you can’t recall the last time you used any of them.

Sometimes you have to conclude that the cost of keeping it isn’t worth the “pleasure” I receive from using it once a year.  Maybe you only used something four times in the five years that you owned it. If you have a lot of items that you only use once a year or less, you might want to think about whether owning and storing them is worthwhile. If you decide they are, you might want to find a place to store them away from your kitchen where they won’t take up as much space and you can access them easily when you need them.


To sum up, you should not feel sensitive when it comes to putting away stuff since it will be a lot easier for you to organize your kitchen then and keep the place clean. Other than that in the kitchen, you will have the stuff that you only use.