5 Promo Products for Creative Brands

When you’re running a company that appeals to creative-minded customers, you need to center your marketing around efforts that will stimulate the creative parts of your target consumers’ minds. Using promotional marketing item giveaways in 2023 is a great way to achieve this goal. When you’re looking for a promo product that will appeal to creative-minded people, you need to be creative yourself. To help you out on your journey, here are five quality promo products that will help creative brands reach out to the people they want to attract:

1. Pens

Creatives often have their best ideas at the most unlikely of times. When a genius idea strikes, you need to get it down on paper (especially if you don’t have a phone nearby). Writing things down physically also gives you more motivation to actually follow through on your idea. For these reasons, giving our branded pens with your company info to your creative-minded customers is a guaranteed hit. There are lots of folks out there who do not have even a single pen in their homes in this digital age, so help them re-embrace a more primal, physical way of making their ideas a reality. The better quality of the pens that you invest in, the more the audience will appreciate your thoughtful, idea-supporting promo gift.

2. Garment Bags

Garment bags are a must for those who like to show off their creativity through their wardrobe and accessories. Especially if you’re serving traveling creative executives with your company’s services and products, you want to show them that you care about their public image. Handing out branded garment bags you buy in bulk can help you increase your reputation with the creative community you’re serving. While this promo product costs a bit more than some of the simpler ones on this list, it’s a high-quality, bold way of making your business’s value apparent to your target audience. You can design the garment bags you give out to look stunning as well, which will make the customers much more likely to use them in their day-to-day lives. Garment bags are one of the newest ways to make a promo marketing campaign a massive hit.

3. Notebooks

Speaking of writing down ideas, handing out branded notebooks with your gift pens is a great way to provide your customers with a solid promo gift combo. There’s a need for writing ideas down physically for some creative businesses, as they do not want to risk their ideas leaking on a digital platform. The more time you take to design the look of your notebook, the better. When you’re targeting any creative-minded audience, you need to consider the aesthetic of the products you’re presenting them with (even when you’re giving out these items for free). Notebooks are often paired with pens when you buy them from promotional marketing item manufacturers, so you can save even more money by getting both items in bulk simultaneously.

4. Sunglasses

As we mentioned earlier, style is a major component of attracting creative-minded customers to your business. No matter what a customer’s style may be, a solid pair of sunglasses can help them elevate their look. Sunglasses have a timeless look to them, and there are several models you can choose from on most promo product manufacturer websites. Finding a sunglasses style that will appeal to your target audience is key. While the branding on the sunglasses will be more subtle, the sheer quality of the product you’re giving out will make the investment you make worth it. If you want a promo item nearly everyone is sure to love, you need to invest in branded sunglasses for your next promotional marketing campaign.

5. Speakers

People who are creatively minded absolutely love music. To get to their hearts, and attract them to buy your products and services, you need to gift them the ability to listen to their music on the go. You can buy mini speakers and other mobile speaker models in bulk for a fairly cheap price nowadays, so more and more businesses are using speakers during their promotional marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to promote your free speakers by using said speakers in the space where you’re trying to attract new customers. If you’re doing your campaign at a trade show or public event, this is a great way to attract potential future loyal customers to your booth. Doing so will help you make a personal connection with your target consumer while you give them the gift of a high-quality mobile or mini speaker.