6 Benefits Of Using A Waterproof Sheet For Your Baby

When you’re getting the home ready for a new baby, it’s always about checklists, rushing to purchase what’s needed and setting up the room. This long list can seem never ending and we tend to forget something or the other. What’s most important apart from the clothes and diapers is a waterproof sheet to make it easy for both you and the child.

These sheets are an excellent long-term investment and a great way to keep your child dry.  They

Wellify Waterproof Sheets are fleece-based sheets with a membrane on one side to catch baby’s urine and protect the surface (or your lap) underneath. They are also known as waterproof sheet protectors and are warm, soft to place the infant directly without diapers.

When can we use the baby dry sheets?

Waterproof sheets are a wonderful necessity for an infant – be it at massage time, car drives, pram time, nappy change time to sleep hours to any time.

Here’s why going for these waterproof sheet cover is a must

1. Minimizes instances of rashes

Using good quality waterproof sheet protectors can minimize instances of rashes given the sensitive skin of the baby by keeping the skin dry, clean and safe. These sheets are anti-allergic and prevent infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

2. Easy to clean, avoids dust

Little’s Easy Dry Cotton Bed Protector – Pink from Wellify is waterproof and can be easily cleaned and dried. It can be cleaned with a little warm water or in the washing machine. It has a superior water absorbing capacity, and can be easily washed and folded. Being woven from safe, hygienic, organic, waterproof material, it keeps the infant away from bacteria, dust, and allergens as the sheets.

3. Protects the mattress

Waterproof sheet protector keeps the baby’ mattress safe with no leakage of spills to the mattress. They keep stains and dampness out of your baby’s bedding.

4. Easy to layer

Waterproof sheets are made from soft, breathable fabric and are extremely thin and simple to layer in the child’s crib. It’s very light and soft under the bed sheet allowing the baby to have peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

5. Value for money

One can keep replacing these Wellify waterproof sheets as they come with all desired qualities, are durable and are perfect value for money. Every set purchased will last for more than a year. As they are clean and dry, they need to be washed only once or twice a week thus increasing the shelf life.

6. Environment-friendly

Given that these waterproof sheet covers are woven from soft, breathable, organic material, and are reusable, they help preserve the environment by minimizing the waste.

As seen here, there are multiple benefits of waterproof sheet protectors and it is a must have in any infant’s essentials. Wellify waterproof sheet – Little’s Easy Dry Cotton Bed Protector, be it in pink or blue come with all the benefits mentioned. Explore baby dry sheets on wellify now and pick one of your liking for your baby’s peaceful slumber.