6 Ways to Maintain Personal Cleanliness to Show Professionalism at Work

Beyond your work quality and productivity, showing great personal hygiene in the corporate world is as important. It is a must for you to care for your cleanliness, appearance, and your habits at work. This is an important issue, which can also help to showcase your professionalism and maintain better relationships with coworkers and superiors. 

Good personal hygiene also relates to your productivity, whereas with better personal hygiene your work productivity will increase as well. You will not be susceptible to disease, thus day-off due to illness could also be prevented. To ensure you can maintain your hygiene better, you can follow the tips that we have listed down below!

1. Take a bath daily

It’s a must to take a shower every day to maintain personal hygiene and also get rid of bacteria and germs that stick to the body due to your activity. As an employee who does commute to work daily, it’s important to take a shower before leaving and after returning from work. Taking a shower, especially before going to work, is crucial because you will feel fresher, better, and sleek in front of your co-workers, bosses, or clients.

Also, make sure you use deodorant after you’ve showered. This is to avoid body odor due to sweat. If you are the type of person who sweats easily, bringing a towel to wipe the sweat or some change of clothes can also be the solution.

2. Tidy up your hair

Greasy hair is one of the clearest signs that you have not taken a shower. It is a must to prevent this, by washing out your hair from any dirt and grease. Taking care of your hair, can at the same time prevent lice or dandruff, which can cause your head to easily itch. This definitely can hamper your productivity. Can you imagine constantly scratching your head while working? This won’t be comfortable at all! Not to mention, the secondhand embarrassment that you will feel if your hair issue is discovered by other people.

Not only washing your hair regularly, but also do not forget to comb your hair too. With combed hair, your appearance will look neater and sleek. 

3. Maintain oral hygiene

Brush your teeth as a routine to maintain personal hygiene. Additionally, make it a habit to go for regular dental check-ups to reduce the risk of various oral diseases and bad odor. Bad breath will make other people uncomfortable when talking to you. You can avoid this nightmare by ensuring you maintain good oral hygiene. 

4. Washing hands

Washing hands regularly is also a good habit to maintain even after the Covid-19 cases are not as soaring as they used to be. Washing hands not only serves to prevent Covid but also other dangerous bacteria and viruses from entering our body. Thus, you have to apply this good habit throughout your day, even when you are at the office. 

By washing hands regularly, your health can also be better maintained thus ensuring your productivity level will always be on point. If you don’t have soap, using a hand sanitizer can also be another good option. 

4. Wear clean and proper clothes

Wearing neat clothes plays an important role in showing professionalism and reflects a positive image of individuals and companies. Wearing clothes that are neat and following the established dress code has several significant benefits. Starting from showing your commitment and dedication to work, and also increases your self-confidence! When someone feels good about their appearance, it can affect their attitude and work performance.

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5. Clean desk regularly

Last but not least, cleaning your desk before and after working hours is also one great way to maintain personal hygiene. You can do this by making sure there are no food crumbs or water splashes on the table. Also, make sure that there are no documents piled up, and always wipe the equipment on the table such as computer screens and keyboards. Apart from being one of the must-follow work ethics, a clean desk can also make you more comfortable when working!