Answer How Many Minutes a Football Match Takes

Everyone knows how many minutes a soccer match has if they regularly watch soccer broadcasts on entertainment platforms. However, in addition to the familiar matches involving 11 players, there are still many other types such as: 7-person, 5-person teams. The content of the New888 article will introduce details about the length of the football matches, let’s explore together!

Introducing information about football

Before going deeper into the issue How many minutes in 1 soccer match?. Everyone, please join us to learn briefly about this type of sport.

Football is a popular and dominant sport in the world,Bringing together famous tournaments: FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A… Attracting the attention of millions of fans. At the NEW88 homepage, this is not simply an entertaining game, but also brings a huge source of income for you when participating in the select experience in this game hall.

Football competition is a combination of factors such as: Technique, physical strength and sensitive strategies when handling situations. The team that scores the most goals into the opponent’s goal and complies with the rules will win. The number of people in each team including a goalkeeper (the only person on the team who can use his hands to touch the ball in his own net area) can be: 11, 7 or 5 players.

How many minutes does it take to win a soccer match?

TrIn soccer, a normal match will consist of two main halves, each half lasting 45 minutes (total match 90 minutes). However, how many minutes a soccer tournament wins can vary based on many different factors. There are many 11-a-side turf matches that last as little as 110 minutes. But there are also some matches that last up to more than 150 minutes, if extra time is organized.

In addition, the length of a soccer match will also depend on the number of members in the team, which can be 11, 7 or 5 people.Youhour, theFriendPlease join us in going deeper into the details of the competition time in each type.

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How long does it take to compete on a 5-player soccer field?

For the 5-person field, it will be held on a futsal field or an artificial turf field inside the house. So when there are 5 players, how many minutes does a soccer match have?Usually, regulations onThis form of competition will take place as follows:

  • For teenagers, each round lasts 25 minutes.
  • For children, one round is 20 minutes long.
  • The rest period between two halves will be 10 minutes.

How long does it take to play on a 7-a-side soccer field?

The official playing time of the 7-player field also varies according to age. As follows:

  • For children, each round will last 20 minutes.
  • For teenagers, each round is 25 minutes.
  • 10 minutes is the rest time between two halves

Time for playing on an 11-player football field

11-player field soccer, most often broadcast on television screens, takes place on natural grass fields. The playing time of this type must have become extremely familiar to you, the number of minutes in a soccer match depends on many factors.

However, usually onetimeThe match will be held as follows: 5 to 10 minutes of registration procedures, 90 minutes of official competition. Divided into 2 halves, each side lasts 45 minutes and halftime is 15 minutes.

In addition, all of the above teams must carry out procedures before starting the match such as: Saluting the field, shaking hands, saluting the flag, drawing the field. The main referee will be the one to keep the time, blow the starting whistle and closely monitor the players’ violations on the field to give extra time and penalty time (depending on each case).

Additional regulations about how many minutes a soccer match has

Every grass match willInclude some regulations related to timeHow many minutes in 1 soccer match?. This includes extra time and extra time, and NEW88 explores the details below:

Regulations on extra timeHow many minutes in 1 soccer match?

In live competition, if the 90-minute period officially ends and there is still no winnerthe. There will be 2 extra periods, each time will be 15 minutes (no break in between).

How many minutes are in overtime for a football match?

After the official match time, there will be an extension period called extra time, lasting from 1 to 10 minutes. In situations where the ball stops, goes out of bounds, replaces substitutes, takes care of injured players… The referee will add minutes to this half.


Above is all the information of the houseNEW88 to answer for you how many minutes a soccer match takes.Hopefully, through this shared content, everyone will better understand the time and events that take place in each match. Please follow us to get more useful knowledge about soccer and current hot bets on the homepageNEW88.