Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android And iPhone

Ever wondered what your kids are really up to on their phones? Have a sneaking suspicion your spouse may be hiding something from you? You’re not alone. In today’s digital age, it can be hard to really know what’s going on in people’s lives and who they’re talking to. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We searched high and low to find the best-hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone so you can get the truth, you can find more on this link. These secret spy apps let you monitor texts, view photos, track locations, and more without the other person knowing. So if you’re ready to become a super-sleuth, check out our list of the top 8 spy apps to catch that cheating spouse or keep an eye on your teenagers’ phone use on the down low. The truth is out there, you just need the right tool to uncover it. Let’s get started!

mSpy: One of the Best Hidden Spy Apps

mSpy is one of the most popular hidden spy apps for Android and iPhone. Once installed on the target device, it runs in stealth mode and is undetectable. It allows you to secretly monitor almost everything that happens on the phone.

With mSpy, you can:

  • View all texts, calls, contacts, photos, and videos. See who they’re texting and calling the most.
  • Track GPS location and view location history. See where the phone has been and set up geofencing alerts.
  • Monitor popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. See messages, photos, and videos shared within the apps.
  • View browsing history and bookmarks. Check which websites the phone has accessed and see any saved bookmarks.
  • Set up alerts for certain events like when a contact interacts with the phone, a new app is installed, the SIM card is changed, and more.
  • All data is uploaded to your mSpy dashboard which you can access from anywhere. mSpy also offers excellent customer support to help you set up and use the service.

While mSpy is very powerful, it’s important to note that you do need consent and authorization from the phone’s owner before installing the app. However, for parents monitoring their child’s phone or employers ensuring responsible device usage, mSpy can be an invaluable service. With its hidden operation and wealth of monitoring capabilities, mSpy earns its place as one of the best hidden spy apps you can get.

FlexiSpy: Powerful Monitoring Software for Phones

FlexiSpy is one of the most powerful phone monitoring apps out there. Once installed on an Android or iPhone, it lets you secretly track almost everything that happens on the targeted device.

FlexiSpy works by capturing and recording phone data like messages, calls, GPS locations, photos, videos, and social media activity. It then uploads this information to your secure online FlexiSpy account where you can view reports and logs to see exactly what the phone user is up to.

Some of FlexiSpy’s most useful features include:

  • Call recording – Remotely record incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone.
  • Message monitoring – Read SMS texts, WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages and more.
  • Location tracking – Pinpoint the phone’s whereabouts with GPS and view location history reports.
  • Web activity – See what websites are visited and bookmarks added on the phone’s web browser.
  • Photos and videos – Access media files like photos and videos stored on or shared via the targeted phone.
  • Keylogging – Record keystrokes entered on the phone, like passwords, search terms and messengers.
  • Stealth mode – FlexiSpy runs in the background without the user knowing. Your monitoring remains completely undetected.

For concerned parents or employers, FlexiSpy is a powerful tool for monitoring phone activity and ensuring safety. While the software requires jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android to install, the features it provides are unparalleled. If you’re looking for an advanced monitoring solution for mobile devices, FlexiSpy has you covered.

Highster Mobile: Affordable and User-Friendly Spy App

Highster Mobile is one of the most affordable and user-friendly mobile spy apps on the market. At under $70 for a 3-month license, it’s a solid choice for anyone on a budget. Despite the low cost, it provides comprehensive monitoring and logging of a target device.

Easy to Install

Installing Highster Mobile on an Android or iPhone takes just a few minutes. You simply download the app to the target device, enter the license key, and the app hides itself to run undetectably in the background. It begins tracking and logging activity right away.

Logs Everything

This powerful yet simple app tracks calls, texts, GPS locations, social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, web browsing history, photos, videos, and more. It runs stealthily without draining the battery, so the user won’t notice any difference in performance. All logs are viewable from your online account, so you can check in on the target device’s activity at any time from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Keylogging and Alerts

Highster Mobile also features keylogging to capture everything typed on the device, including passwords, search terms, and messages. You can set up custom alerts to notify you immediately if certain contacts, words, or phrases are detected. This can help monitor for suspicious activity or risks.

Reliable Customer Support

While Highster Mobile is designed to be easy to set up and use, their U.S.-based customer support is available to help you with any questions or issues. They provide live chat, email and phone support Monday through Friday.

For an affordable, user-friendly spy app with essential monitoring features, Highster Mobile is a great choice. In just a few minutes, you’ll have comprehensive logs of a target Android or iPhone at your fingertips anytime.

Spyera: Advanced Monitoring Solution for Androids and iPhones

Spyera is an advanced mobile spy app that allows you to monitor Android and iPhone devices. Once installed on a target device, it runs in stealth mode and tracks almost all phone activities.

Call Monitoring

Spyera lets you view all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. You’ll see call durations, contact names, numbers, dates, and times. The call log history allows you to look back over previous calls to catch any suspicious activity.

Text Message Monitoring

Read all SMS text messages sent and received on the target device. See message content, contact names, numbers, dates, and times. Spyera captures both SMS text messages and iMessages for iPhones.

GPS Location Tracking

Spyera uses GPS to track the physical location of the target device in real-time. View location addresses, see locations on a map, set location intervals, get location alerts and location history reports to pinpoint where the device has been.

Social Media Monitoring

Spyera monitors popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. See shared messages, photos, videos, friend/follower lists and more. The social media monitoring feature helps ensure the user’s online activity is appropriate and safe.

Stealth Camera

Remotely take pictures from the target device’s camera to see the phone’s surroundings. The viewfinder lets you see what the camera sees in real-time. Snap photos on-demand or set the camera to take photos automatically at timed intervals.

And Much More

Some of Spyera’s other advanced features include web browsing history monitoring, app usage monitoring, keyword alerts, SIM card details, and remote control options like device lock or wipe.

Spyera’s cutting-edge technology and powerful monitoring features make it a top choice for concerned parents and employers wanting an advanced solution to supervise mobile devices. The app is pricey, but for those serious about mobile monitoring, Spyera delivers comprehensive functionality that other spy apps can’t match.


So there you have it, the top 8 spy apps for Android and iPhone that allow you to play detective. With any of these tools in your pocket, you’ll have insight into texts, calls, locations, and more. But with great power comes great responsibility, so use these spy apps ethically and legally. Only monitor someone with their consent and knowledge. And if you have kids, let them know you may use one of these apps – hiding it from them will severely damage your trust and relationship. Technology is amazing, but it needs to be balanced with open communication and mutual respect. Stay safe out there and happy (legal and ethical) spying!