Cmx Cinemas Plaza Café 12 (Formerly Cobb Theatres)

CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 is a movie theater located in the heart of the city. It was formerly known as Cobb Theatres and has been providing movie-goers with an unforgettable cinematic experience since its opening.

CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12

CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 is a luxurious eight-screen movie theater located in the heart of the city. It features state-of-the-art sound systems, comfortable seating, an extensive concession stand, and a variety of special events. The theater also offers a full-service restaurant and bar, allowing guests to enjoy a meal before or after their movie.

The theater is equipped with digital projection and 3D capabilities, allowing guests to enjoy the latest releases in an immersive environment. Additionally, the theater offers a variety of special events and screenings, including family-friendly movie nights, trivia nights, and more.

Formerly Cobb Theatres

Before being rebranded as CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12, the theater was known as Cobb Theatres. It was founded in the early 2000s and quickly became a popular destination for movie-goers. The theater was known for its comfortable seating, expansive concession stand, and variety of special events.

The theater was also known for its unique “Cobb Club” loyalty program, which offered customers discounts and exclusive access to special events. The loyalty program was offered until the theater’s rebranding in 2020.

CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 offers an unforgettable movie-going experience for its guests. From its state-of-the-art sound systems and 3D capabilities to its full-service restaurant and bar, the theater provides a luxurious experience for all movie-goers. Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or a family-friendly movie night, CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 is the perfect place to go.

CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 (Formerly Cobb Theatres) is a recent new addition to the South Florida cinematic experience. Located adjacent to the Mall of America, this theater offers patrons an exciting twelve-screen multiplex with the latest technology and amenities.

CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 recently opened its doors last month, and it quickly became the locals’ go-to spot for a night of family-friendly entertainment. Here, patrons can enjoy a full-service dining and drinking experience with upscale bistro-style food, all while never leaving their movie seat. The menu includes a range of items, from snacks and drinks to entrees such as wood-fired pizzas, gourmet burgers, and even a full wine and cocktail selection.

Each theater boasts state-of-the-art X-TRON projection, upgraded projection screens, and Dolby Atmos 3D audio systems, providing customers with a high-quality cinematic experience with noise-reduction and image clarity. Plus, all twelve screens feature plush, comfortable, high-end seating that will make patrons feel truly nestled in their environment for the duration of the show.

CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 offers something for everyone, whether they’re looking for the latest blockbuster or just a unique dining experience. Each ticket includes free refills on fountain drinks and popcorns, plus all other concession stand items with a 10% discount. Patrons can also choose to buy a focus package, which includes admission to the theater, the signature dining experience, and a $7 dollar discount per adult, making for an all-in-one night out.

For those looking to escape the everyday routine of work and school, CMX Cinemas Plaza Café 12 is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the show. From the comfortable theater seats to the bistro menu elegant enough for any special occasion, it’s no wonder why this theater is quickly becoming a popular destination for the whole family.