Dylan Scott Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl) Lyrics

Dylan Scott’s single “Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)” is a genre-bending song that blends country, pop, and soul. The song’s lyrics explore a relationship between two people and the difficult decisions one has to make when they can’t be together. In this article, we will explore the lyrics of this song and analyze the message of “Find You A Girl”.

Exploring the Lyrics of “Dylan Scott Can’t Have Mine”

The song opens with Dylan singing, “I can’t have mine, so I’m gonna find you a girl.” This sets the tone for the rest of the song as he goes on to describe the relationship between him and the girl he’s singing about. He talks about how they can’t be together but how he still wishes the best for her. He sings, “A love like this, it ain’t fair, so I’m gonna find you a girl.”

The chorus of the song is a plea to the girl he’s singing about, “I can’t have mine, so I’m gonna find you a girl, one who can love you like I can’t, one who can make you feel like I can’t.” Here, he acknowledges that he can’t provide what she needs and is willing to find someone who can.

The song goes on to describe the pain he feels when he thinks about her and how he still loves her despite the fact that they can’t be together. He sings, “I still think about you when I’m alone, I’m trying to forget but I can’t.” He expresses his sadness and longing in the bridge of the song, “My heart still cries, my eyes still yearn, I’m gonna find you a girl.” This is an emotional moment in the song as he finally comes to terms with the fact that they can’t be together and that he has to let her go.

Analyzing the Message of “Find You A Girl”

The message of this song is one of selflessness and understanding. Dylan recognizes that he can’t provide what she needs, so he is willing to find her someone who can. This is a difficult and noble decision, but one that will ultimately benefit her in the long run.

The song also touches on the idea of letting go. Dylan acknowledges that he still loves her and is struggling to move on, but he ultimately decides to find her someone else. This is a difficult decision, but it is one that comes from a place of love and understanding.

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