Explaining the infringements that can happen during penalty kicks

During penalty kicks in football, there are several infringements that can occur, which may result in retakes. There is a great chance to place sport bet in Nigeria with 1xBet, where you can also wager on everything that can happen during penalty kicks.

These infringements involve both the attacking team taking the penalty and the defending team. Some of the most common examples include:

  • encroachment;
  • goalkeeper’s movement;
  • feinting;
  • double touch;
  • invasion;
  • and delaying the kick.

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Encroachment and illegal movements

This occurs when players from either team enter the penalty area or move closer to the penalty spot before the kick is taken. If the attacking team encroaches, the kick may be retaken if the violation affects the outcome. If the defending team encroaches and the kick is missed, a retake may be awarded. At http://www.1xbet.ng/en/virtualsports there are also decisive instances, such as penalty kicks, where you can wager.

The goalkeeper must remain on the goal line until the ball is kicked. If the goalkeeper moves forward or jumps off the line before the kick, it can result in a retake if the penalty is missed or a goal is not scored. Visit the great 1xBet platform if you also want to wager on the best goalkeepers in penalty kicks.

While a player taking a penalty kick can feint during the run-up, the goalkeeper is not allowed to make similar movements. If the goalkeeper is judged to have made an excessive movement to deceive the penalty taker, it may lead to a retake.

Other circumstances

Once the penalty taker strikes the ball, they cannot touch it again until another player has touched it. You can explore the website 1xbet.ng/en/casino – best live casino games can be played before the next penalty kick is awarded.

If the taker touches the ball again before another player has, an indirect free kick is awarded to the defending team.

If an attacking player enters the penalty area before the ball is kicked and the penalty is missed, a retake may be granted. This is known as invasion. However, if a player from both teams commits the violation simultaneously, the kick is not retaken.

Finally, the penalty taker should not unduly delay the kick. If the referee deems that the taker is intentionally delaying the kick, a caution (yellow card) may be shown, and the kick may be retaken. The best live casino games from the 1xBet platform are perfect for exploring prior to the next penalty kick being taken.