GTA V Easter Eggs – Uncovering Hidden Gems in Los Santos

GTA V is filled with references to real movies & TV shows, Rockstar games and other gaming franchises; its attention to detail is truly astounding.

Los Santos boasts some of the coolest easter eggs hidden away in its most inconspicuous places, including references to Big Foot, frozen aliens and even a ghost who haunts Mt. Gordo itself!

1. The Frozen Alien

Grand Theft Auto is famed for its abundant easter eggs, with Los Santos being particularly prolific. From nods to previous Rockstar games such as Red Dead Redemption to UFO sightings and cryptid hunting opportunities – GTA V is filled with surprises that will keep players engaged for hours on end!

Discovering these hidden gems begins in the prologue when taking a quick detour when driving toward the train tracks in the center of the map, whereby they will discover an alien beneath a bridge where a train passes by.

This Easter egg serves as a reminder of just how hard developers worked to create an immersive virtual world in Los Santos and reward players who explore it further. You can buy gta account from iGV.

2. The Ghost of Jock’s Wife

GTA games are no stranger to including mythical creatures, and no GTA game would be complete without some form of Sasquatch activity. But this one stands out – and can only be found at specific locations – such as Mount Gordo at 23:00 every night until you see Jolene Cranley-Evans appear over a message written in blood on a rock; she may well be Jock Cranley’s late wife!

She has been seen by other players, with some hearing screaming near the cliff edge. It’s an innovative Easter Egg with a dark and twisty tale to it that also serves as an homage to L.A. Noire by Rockstar Games; not to mention, Lester’s pad in Los Santos contains references to this series as well as references to X-Files, Big Foot and other related events! All this evidences just how much thought went into designing GTA V’s world and its expansive nooks and crannies!

3. The Haunted Lighthouse

Grand Theft Auto games have long been known for their abundant references and hidden gems that pay homage to real movies, TV shows and even history. Since their inception, these carefully placed references have delighted players – enthralling players even more with each new release!

While many easter eggs can be easily unearthed, others require more investigation to discover. For instance, players who visit Hill Valley Church will discover an adorable nod to Marty McFly’s iconic hometown from Back to the Future.

Mount Gordo Lighthouse in Blaine County holds another less obvious easter egg for you to discover between 11 PM and 12 AM, when visiting during this period will show a ghost appear over a bloodstained message that reads Jock. Although this easter egg might not be for everyone, it shows Rockstar has not shied away from getting dark with their video game world.

4.The Underwater UFO

GTA fans are used to finding hidden easter eggs and references in other games in GTA 5, but Rockstar truly outdid themselves with this easter egg: players can discover an underwater UFO from Alien that looks exactly like its counterpart in the movie series.

GTA Online features many references from previous titles of the series, such as Marnie and her Lost biker gang from GTA 4. Furthermore, players may come across a nod to L.A. Noire which features Detective Cole Phelps who can be found hidden away in an abandoned mineshaft.

Vinewood features a wax museum filled with statues that look just like famous stars, such as John Wayne, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. No visit would be complete without seeing Jesco White himself tap dancing! His presence guarantees to bring joyous laughter.