Major Reasons Why You Should Use Barbell Collars

Have you ever attempted to raise a barbell only to have it slide off the barbell sleeve, distributing the weight and force unevenly and maybe injuring yourself? If so, you might not have used barbell locks or barbell collars, one of the most basic pieces of safety equipment in the gym.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use high-quality POWER GUIDANCE Barbell Collars Barbell Clips:

1. Lifting is now secure

When doing a lift, you prepare for the weight workout by placing your plates in the barbell sleeve, hoping to keep the bar steady enough to ensure that the plates won’t fall off. Know that there won’t be any issues because you’ve done this several times. The plates fall off a few inches away during each exercise, but you don’t notice this. The bar twitches just a little bit before you complete your final rep, resulting in a few plates falling to the floor.

2. Performance is elevated

Bar plates can slip outward on the barbell sleeve without collars, as was already said. The bar will have an unequal load distribution if one slides out farther than the other. It won’t feel balanced when you raise it, even though the plates remain all full on both sides of the bar. This is due to the fact that your grip’s distance from each side varies, giving the impression that each side is heavier than the other. Due to the various stresses your body’s muscles produce on either side, this results in poor muscle growth and poor performance, making lifting weights and muscle mass acquisition more difficult.

3. The investment is wise

Depending on the kind of exercise they could be used for, numerous types of materials, forms, and sizes are produced for 2 inch Olympic Barbell Clamps. A wide variety of barbell collars are offered on the market, including lock-jaw pro collars, basic Olympic spring collars, and collar clamps. They are a well-liked option for regular weightlifting exercises because of their inexpensive price, simplicity of usage, and ability to effectively stop weight plates from shifting throughout lifts on a rack.

4. Distractions are eliminated

Barbell collars’ primary use is to hold plates in place. They make certain that the plates do not shake when individuals raise bars since they do assist in stabilizing the plates. When doing a heavy set, hearing and feeling the plates shake is one of the many things that might bother a person. These plates rattle more loudly when you execute your repetitions with additional force.

Because of this, there may be mental distraction.

  • It makes the weight seem unevenly distributed, and
  • There may be anxiety that the plates may come off and hurt someone.

In contrast, this may cause your focus to wander from doing the lift to the rattling plates, which results in subpar performance that degrades your muscular development and workout technique.

5. Decreases the chance of harm to your home gym

You must work out alone if you have a home gym. This puts safety first, which is how you ought to use barbell collars. The need of safety precautions should be highlighted when exercising alone. One of those safety measures you must follow is the use of barbell collars. This safeguards both your personal belongings and you.


Barbell collars and other safety measures were not created only for commercial purposes. They are designed to support you with your training and ensure your physical and emotional security while doing so.