Online Gaming In South Sudan Vs. The Usa

South Sudan is the newest country in Africa and the world! It gained its independence in 2011 from Sudan. It’s also a member of the UN! The US, on the other hand, has been independent since 1776! Get ready to elevate your betting experience with Betso888. Explore a wide range of sports, enjoy competitive odds, and take advantage of exclusive promotions, all on Betso888’s user-friendly platform.

You’re not entirely wrong if you think we’re here to compare South Sudan with the USA. But we won’t reach them in areas that don’t make sense. The economy, for example. Instead, our goal today is to go through both countries’ online sports betting scenes. 

To know how online betting works in South Sudan, read the BetZillion SS guide by Tim Harrison. It has A-Z data on the best betting sites in the country. The same goes for the US. As it happens, we have Mr. Harrison among us today at SaveruData. He’s the one who’ll make the comparison for you.

SaveruData Asks Tim Harrison: How Are Sports Betting Legally Different Between the Countries?

When 2 different countries are in question, it only makes sense to start from the ground up. Tim believes the legality of the activity is essential for a fair comparison. 

Legal Status of Betting in the US

Online sports betting in the US is a relatively new concept. Before 2018, placing bets on any sports on the internet was illegal. The Supreme Court then lifted the ban, allowing state governments to legalize online betting if they see fit. 

One of the main differences between the US and other countries is that the same legislation doesn’t work across the board. Just because the Supreme Court dissolved the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) doesn’t mean you can choose any online betting site you like. 

Instead, online gambling is regulated on a state level. Interesting betting operators must apply for a license from the state government and pay the necessary fees. Only when the permit is approved can the operator start accepting bettors? 

You will find more information here:

One example of such a state governing body is the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement. NJDGE must license all online betting sites that offer markets in NJ. And this license is not valid in any other state, even the neighboring Pennsylvania or Delaware. Those states have their regulatory bodies. 

The last requirement in the US is that the bettor must be present within state lines for real money gambling. Before placing a bet, the operator will verify your location with a 3rd party GPS service. But signing up or visiting the website is open for all. 

Legal Status of Betting in South Sudan

Since the days of Sudan, gambling has been illegal in South Sudan. It’s true to this day. As the country is just building its economy, Tim believes there is no hope that the government will legalize gambling soon. 

As interesting as it is, the same ban applies to online gambling too. No company can operate a gambling service within the borders of the country. Then, you might wonder why online betting sites accept players from South Sudan.

It comes down to the complexity of international laws. It’s not illegal for betting operators to get players from South Sudan. Instead, it’s unlawful for South Sudanese people to bet online. 

The thing is that internet penetration is shallow in the country. Perhaps one of the lowest in the world. Even the government doesn’t have the infrastructure to monitor and regulate online gambling. 

It means you’re safe if you place bets privately on offshore bookmakers. An even better approach is using a VPN to mask your IP address. 

Available Sports Betting Sites in South Sudan

Due to the country’s strict laws, not many international betting sites are interested in accepting bettors from South Sudan. The available ones are manageable but not up to the international standard. According to the SS guide, the available online sportsbooks in South Sudan are: 

  • Pin UP
  • Fresh Bet
  • Win A Bet 365
  • BC. Game
  • Spin BeTter

Game. The overall betting experience is not up to the mark because of the lack of sports events and bets. You’re unlikely to find any local sports events too. Among these sites, the only platforms with good international presence are Pin Up and BC. The odds are not competitive at these platforms, impacting your overall winning potential. 

Available Sports Betting Sites in the USA

The USA crushes South Sudan regarding the quality of the betting experience. The number of operators might be limited in the country, but all are industry leaders. 

Names like FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Rivers, etc., are all established businesses. The licenses for these online platforms are passed through land-based casinos in the corresponding states. 

You’ll know the difference between a South Sudanese online betting site and an American one from the website layout alone. The US sites are more polished and look a lot better. They also feel better as the platforms are optimized with HTML5 for all possible devices. 

As for the availability of sports, the entire world is open to bettors. American football, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, MMA, swimming, motorsports, golf, darts, Rugby Union, table tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, and every other major sport are available for betting. 

You can also expect all the high-voltage tournaments from across the world. For example, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest showdown of soccer in the world and is ongoing. No matter which online bookmaker you visit in the USA, you’ll find hundreds of markets for world cup matches. 

Here are the top 5 tournaments that get the most traction from American bettors. 

  2. MLB World Series
  3. Super Bowl
  4. Tennis Grand Slam events
  5. NHL 

Availability of Payment Methods

The last aspect of online gambling Tim wants to cover is the available payment methods. As a relatively new country with quite a poor economy, few options are available in South Sudan. Like most African countries, people mostly use mobile money for their day-to-day needs. Also, cash is still king for regular transactions. 

Some notable online payment methods in South Sudan are 2Checkout Convert Plus, BitPay, NihaoPay, MuchBetter, and wire transfers. 

When it comes to the US, however, payments are as seamless as they can get. The majority of online payment methods in circulation today originated in the country. From Visa to Mastercard to PayPal, you name it. The US has it. 

Even more intriguing is that most US bookmakers allow cash deposits at casino cages. In case you didn’t know, a “casino cage” is the area of a land-based casino where you exchange money for chips. As the license of online betting sites is routed through land-based establishments, you get to deposit cash for your online account.