Poste Canada Suivre Un Colis And Post Package Tracking

Canada Post, or Poste Canada, plays a crucial role in ensuring these packages reach their destinations efficiently and accurately. Their package tracking system, known as “Suivre Un Colis,” allows customers to stay informed about the status and whereabouts of their parcels. In this article, we will delve into the Canada Post package tracking system, how it works, and how customers can utilize it for a seamless delivery experience.

Understanding Canada Post Package Tracking

Canada Post’s package tracking, or “Suivre Un Colis,” is a robust and user-friendly system that enables customers to monitor the progress of their packages in real-time. Whether it’s a local delivery or an international shipment, customers can use this service to gain insights into their package’s journey from the sender to the recipient.

The tracking system generates a unique tracking number for each package. This number is a vital identifier that allows customers to access detailed tracking information related to their shipment. With this tracking number in hand, customers can access the Canada Post website or use their mobile app to check the status of their package at any given time.

How to Use “Suivre Un Colis”

Using Canada Post’s package tracking system is straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps:

When you make a purchase online and opt for shipping via Canada Post, the seller or the online platform will typically provide you with a tracking number. This number is sent to you via email or is accessible through your account on the respective platform.

Open your preferred web browser or the Canada Post mobile app on your smartphone. Navigate to the package tracking section, usually indicated prominently on their website’s home page.

Once you’re in the tracking section, enter the unique tracking number provided for your package into the designated search bar.

After entering the tracking number, click on the “Track” or “Suivre” button. The system will retrieve and display the latest tracking information for your package. This may include details such as the package’s origin, destination, transit points, and the expected delivery date.

By following these steps, you can easily monitor the progress of your package and stay informed about its estimated delivery date.

Benefits of Package Tracking

Utilizing Canada Post’s package tracking system offers several benefits to customers:

With package tracking, customers can receive real-time updates about the status and location of their package. This information helps in planning for the package’s arrival and being prepared to receive it.

Package tracking enhances transparency in the delivery process. Customers can track the movement of their packages and gain insight into any delays or issues that might affect the delivery time.

Knowing the whereabouts of a package provides a sense of security. Customers can rest assured that their package is en route and on schedule for delivery.

In case of any concerns or issues with the package, having the tracking number readily available allows for efficient communication with Canada Post’s customer service. This ensures quick resolution and support.

Tips for an Efficient Tracking Experience

To make the most of the Canada Post package tracking system, consider the following tips:

Frequently check the tracking information to stay updated on your package’s progress. This helps in managing expectations and planning for the package’s arrival.

Maintain communication with the sender to ensure you receive the correct tracking number and any additional shipping information. This enables a smooth tracking experience.

If available, sign up for email or SMS notifications regarding your package’s status. This provides real-time updates without the need to manually check the tracking information.

Understand that the tracking information may not update immediately. Allow sufficient time for the system to capture and reflect the latest status.


Canada Post’s package tracking system, “Suivre Un Colis,” is an invaluable tool that enhances the overall shipping and delivery experience for customers. By providing real-time updates and transparency, it ensures a smooth journey for packages from the sender to the recipient. As online shopping continues to thrive, the ability to track packages has become an essential feature that empowers customers to stay informed and manage their deliveries efficiently. So, the next time you order a package via Canada Post, utilize the package tracking service for a stress-free and informed delivery process.