The Candle of Unity: Making Your Ceremony Truly Special


1. The symbolic and emotional significance of the unity candle ceremony

A wedding ceremony is all about the lifelong commitment being made between two people in love. It’s about two parts becoming a whole, and the tradition of unity candle lighting is a touching way to symbolize that dedication. It signifies that two people are ready to come together as one in a partnership, taking on life’s burdens with the strength of one another.

2. The role of the unity candle in representing the union of a couple

By bringing two separate candles together to ignite a single flame, a bride and groom are performing a bonding ceremony. It’s a wordless way of saying to each other and those in attendance that they’ve made their choice on who they’re deciding to take this lifelong journey with. It’s both a beautiful and powerful sentiment to have at a wedding.

The Tradition of the Unity Candle

1. The historical roots of the unity candle ceremony

[H3] The tradition of the unity candle has been ongoing for at least 50 years, and is believed to have started as a Christian tradition. While the religious background has faded over time, unity candles still represent the joining of two families, or two people. The unity candle set can be lit by the mothers of the wedded couple, or the wedded couple  themselves.

2. Understanding the symbolism and meaning behind the tradition

Like a toast between a group of friends or family joining them in a shared state of emotion, a unity candle lighting joins two families, or individual lives. It’s a great option to use in place of or in addition to a toast to celebrate two halves becoming a whole. There are many ways to symbolize the birth of a shared love, but there is something special about the strength of the love between two souls burning bright for all to admire.

The Elements of a Unity Candle Ceremony

1. Definition and purpose of the unity candle

The idea of a unity candle ceremony is that you have two smaller, unlit candles, and a larger pillar candle between them. The smaller candles are used to represent the two people being wed together, and the larger one is the destination where their two lives will intertwine. When the couple lights their own candles, using them to ignite the pillar candle, they’re performing a binding ritual in front of friends and family that affirm their commitment to one another.

2. Key components of the unity candle ceremony

There are various types of unity candles, ranging from shape, to color, to how they’re presented and decorated. Personalized engravings are another option to utilize, marking the names of the couple or the date of the wedding ceremony.

Selecting the Ideal Unity Candle

1. Choosing a unity candle that reflects the couple’s style and theme

Personalization and customization options for unity candles

Having the bride and groom choose their own style of unity candle allows them to demonstrate their personality and style. Combining their separate styles to create the pillar candle is a great way to show how those two different personalities come together to create something shared. The candles can be truly unique in this manner, or another option would be to mimic the overall theme of the wedding.

2. Coordinating the unity candle with wedding decor and color schemes

Embellishing the candles with decor that blends with the overall theme of the wedding can provide a harmonious touch, and organization within the elements. A traditional wedding might have this type of unity candle wedding, typically white and adorned with white and gold ribbon, names of the couple, and the date of the ceremony. If the theme is more modern in nature, you might want to consider colored candles with unique presentations that suit the diverse personalities of the couple.


1. Recap of the guide’s insights on the unity candle ceremony

With some background on the sentiment behind unity candles, the history of them, and the possibilities of personalizing the display, , it is simple to see why they’re a treasured piece of an occasion where two people’s lives come together as one. Unity candles provide a wordless way for a couple to show one another how committed they are to the lifelong journey they’re embarking on together.

Encouragement for couples to embrace the symbolism and personalization of the unity candle tradition

Incorporating the unity candle into a future wedding will provide a truly heartwarming touch to the occasion. It is one of the most symbolic representations of the commitment and love that two people will share for the rest of their married lives together. This display of connection will live in their hearts and those of the friends and family who came to witness and celebrate with them.