Why You Need Updf, A Pdf Converter, Convert To And From Pdf

Many people need different PDF editing tools to go about their daily work because it has become quite difficult to find a PDF editor with all the required features. If we ask you to name a few software with all tools under one roof, can you do it? You might, however, trust us, you won’t be able to name a software that has all the tools and falls within your line of budget too.

While you really can’t, we for sure can! This is because we have one software that checks all such boxes. UPDF is the best way to convert to and from PDF. Want to know more about it? We got you covered.

UPDF For Powerful PDF Converter to Convert PDF – A Smart Decision?

Did you recently hear about UPDF and the excellent conversion and annotation tools this software holds? Then we are sure you’ll need some convincing before you subscribe. If you are in search of reasons as to why you should choose UPDF as a powerful PDF converter, then we have a few listed for you below:

  • Convert PDF to Many Office Formats, Text, and Html and Vice Versa

Have you been in a situation where you needed to convert a PDF file to a Word, Excel, or any other Microsoft Office Format, but your device didn’t permit such actions? This can be a complex challenge, especially when the conversion tasks are urgent.

Well, nothing to worry about because UPDF allows users easy PDF conversions to many office formats, texts, and HTML documents with no limitations.

· Convert PDF to CSV, BMP, and GIF

The CSV and BMP formats are popular when users want to store or send heavy data for business or other purposes. The CSV files store information in tabular rows or columns, while the BMP files store and send high-quality images without losing their pixels.

If you want to convert a PDF file into these two formats before storing or sending it to any third party. This can be done with ease with UPDF. While you may believe that much other software like Acrobat would help you do that, it won’t let you convert PDF into GIFs as UPDF does.

· Secure when Converting

One consideration every user has when choosing software to run or edit their document is security. With UPDF’s OCR technology, users can convert their confidential scanned documents into many other formats without worrying about any alteration because the technology works with optimal accuracy.

· Fast Conversion Speed

Another great benefit of choosing UPDF as your PDF converter is fast conversions. When running a document to edit, read or even convert, no one likes software that lags or is slow to produce the desired results. UPDF ensures to provide its users with fast conversion speed no matter which format they want to convert to or from. Users can quickly convert PDF documents to and from Microsoft Office formats, PNG, GIF, and others.


The OCR technology enables users to get three output layouts for fulfilling different needs. Through this service, users can extract textual information from an image, edit the scanned PDFs and make their PDFs searchable. The best part? This feature supports 38 different languages.

· Batch Convert PDF to Save Time

There is no denying that uploading one PDF, converting it, and then moving on to convert a new PDF can take much of your time. With UPDF, this is no such issue. The software offers its users a batch conversion feature. This feature allows users to upload multiple PDF files simultaneously and convert them into any format they like or vice versa. This eventually saves them so much time.

· Polished Interface

The best part about UPDF is its polished interface. The software is developed to make working through PDF-related tasks easier for users and enable them to work smoothly through the tools and features. This is because the UPDF interface is Digital Signatures in a simple and easy-to-use manner, and you do not have to be a tech geek to get your work across.

· All-In-One PDF Converter and Editor

While all the above reasons might be enough to convince you why UPDF might be an excellent PDF converter, we saved the best for the last. UPDF is not only a PDF converter; the software offers users an all-in-one conversion and editing aspect.

This means that users can convert their PDF to and from many different formats and use the many other exceptional PDF editing, annotating, signing, organizing, and AI tools to their benefit. Moreover, apart from making edits and adjusting your PDF, the service offers easy-to-read accessibility too. Users can read their pdf files through the help of various reading features, all while selecting the reading mode and page layout as they like. How cool is that!

How Does UPDF Work on PDF Converting?

Converting PDF documents into Word, PowerPoint, HTML, CVS, etc., is a simple process using UPDF. If you are wondering how UPDF can easily convert PDF into other formats, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the PDF file you want to convert into UPDF.
  • An Export PDF icon will be visible on the ride side of the panel. Click on it.
  • Now, select the format you want to convert your PDF file.
  • Once you have chosen the desired format, a pop-up window will appear. On this window, you can adjust the settings of your output file, e.g., the Page Range.
  • Lastly, select the Export button and the destination folder where you want to save your file. Your conversion will now be completed.


UPDF is an exceptional software to work through your PDF files. This software offers not only outstanding conversion to and from PDF files but also enables a lot of different tools for editing purposes. If this software intrigues you, download it today and avail yourself of a solid 54% off.